Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yeehaw! says the donkey (says Lee Scratch Perry)

Q Why has Gary Clail been whitewashed out of the Tackhead media ethos recently? He seems to have been cut almost entirely out of Tackhead Sound Crash, most of his chant in Half Cut For Confidence was replaced with panned sounds of race cars or some crap like that. Uncarved Eden recently linked to some UK media bit about AMS & On-U which covered some Tackhead but had no mention of Clail at all. None of the Japanese press has mentioned him except on the insert booklet of the re-issued Tackhead Tape Time.

A1 The whole world is still embarased by Clail's solo work, especially the song Beef, but thats no reason to whitewash out the good stuff. Two Theives & A Liar (JA Minor) remains one of my favorite tracks.

A2 The remaining members of Tackhead are still embarased by the fact that they recorded more tracks with Bernard Fowler but cant bring themselves to admit it. None of my favorite tracks include the ex Peach Boy.


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