Sunday, August 20, 2006

Horsemouth in Dub - Feat. Earnist Ranglin

  1. Mojo Rock
  2. Mojo Dub
  3. Armagadon Dub Inst.
  4. Natty Dub Inst.
  5. Love Up Dub Up Inst.
  6. More Dub
  7. Ska Dub
Recorded at Harry-J and Leggo's, mixed by Silvan Morris and Bravo Gaylord.

Drums & Percussion: Horse Mouth Wallace
Keyboard: Ebu Cypper
Bass: Loyd Parks, Clinton Fergususon, Prof: Larry
Horns: Vin Gorden, Dean Frazer, Nambo, David Madden & Tommy McCook
Guitar: Earnist Ranglin, Earl Chinna-Smith & Bingy Bunny.

Nice but short CD from Jam's Promotion Co., Ltd. in JA. No high production dub, just solid reggae instrumentals with the ever reliable Horsemouth on drums.


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