Wednesday, September 20, 2006

about that reggae dvd box set

Now I've had time to watch all three and have something to say.
  1. The Harder They Come
    Its a great film, but you know that. The DVD is 16:9 and is indeed a great transfer. Plenty of extras including interviews with just about everyone involved, even Jimmy Cliff. Well over an hour of extras.
  2. Reggae In A Babylon
    This one impressed me the least, except that it was interesting to see some of the old UK bands. Thats all it is really. Oh! There was a time when Steel Pulse did not look like complete dorks. 4:3 but looks like it was shot on 16mm and I doubt there was any use of widescreen since its "documentary".
  3. Countryman
    I've heard about this since the mid 80s and had the soundtrack but never had a chance to see it till now. Simple story, good simple hero, wicked official men, fight scenes and obeh, nothin not to love. Carl Bradshaw from THTC plays two different roles in this one. 4:3, good color and sound, a 12 minute "making" type feature as an extra.


Blogger John Eden said...

Nice write up - I need to get hold of "Countryman", so hopefully this edition will come out individually as well as in the box as I have the rest... cool.

8:40 PM  

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