Monday, October 09, 2006

record labels

The quality of JA 7"s is a running joke on the net. Me I think the label errors are much more interesting than oddities of pressing. Only about 5 of my singles have the label aligned right, lots from the 80s onward have the artist or song name rubber stamped on blanks labels showing the info of the record company (come to think of it I've never seen anything on the Techniques imprint with a printed label). I guess labels like this one here get serious record collectors all a flutter, but Im just enjoying it cuz its the only Roots Rodicks record I own.

FWIW the single is mostly forgettable but has a nice horn riff. The B side claims to be mixed by "the late great king tubby's" but I'm not so sure. Has none of Tubbys signature sound at all.


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