Thursday, July 20, 2006

test tone

I said something before about Scientist giving us the test tone "dub beep". I might be wrong. I found a track credited to King Tubby "A Heavy Dub" which I think uses the test tone. Now theres a few things about this which make me uncertain: the famous Tubbys mixer was a self built 8 channel unit and in the pictures I've seen, there is no test tone button, maybe this was done later since the track wasnt dated; the other thing being is that it could have been a Scientist mix while he was working for Tubbys. No date on the track so hard to know. I cant find a reference as to when Scientist started working under his own name so I have no way to check this. If anyone knows please comment.


Anonymous Dizzle said...

According to Steve Barrow Tubby had been using the test tone since the mid 70s... before Scientist was apprenticing, if memory serves (see the liner notes to Dub Gone Crazy LP).

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