Tuesday, May 30, 2006

more on Dub Master X

some kind soul on Yahoo! Auctions here in Japan is selling a set of 10 of the "Dub Wa Crazy" 7"s. Here's the list:

Vol.1 ( NC−2024 ): Don’t Slave the America / Who is the Master?
Vol.2 ( NC−2031 ): Mr. Dub Master X / Sentimental Dub
Vol.3 ( NC−2034 ): Early in the Morning / They are Only 200 Years
Vol.4 ( NC−2035 ): What the Hell Do They Want any More? / Run away Dub
Vol.5 ( NC−2037 ): Monster Dub / Dub Dancin’
Vol.6 ( NC−2038 ): Rotten Oranges / Dub Family
Vol.7 ( NC−2039 ): What We Needed / You Shouldn’t be in the Park
Vol.8 ( NC−2047 ): 日常のDub ( Morning Book Mix ) / 日常のDub ( North Village Mix )
Vol.9 ( NC−2048 ): Changeless / You is Perfect
Vol.10( NC−2049 ): Falling Love with DUB / Tokyo Duv story

The kanji in #8 translate to everyday/ordinary.

9 I've mentioned before, 5's guest is "Emmerson Kitamura", 8 features Asamoto Hirofumi of Ram Jam World and "Emmerson Kitamura" again. No. 10 rounds out the celebrity guestlist with "Pianica Maeda"

For those who care, DMX's name is Miyazaki Izumi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking for DUB Djs to play
a weekly DUB event in Tokyo
so if you know of someone let me know
my name is mark
and you can reach me at remco5@aol.com

7:00 PM  

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