Saturday, May 27, 2006

Japanese dub mixers

Sad thing is I only know of two "name" mixers here and only one of em is still active.

There was Dub Master X who did the Mute Beat records, but he want on to do a bunch of mostly weak dance record remixing.

The other I know of is Naoyuki Uchida, he did at least the Dry & Heavy records and I know he did the live mix for the African Head Charge live in Japan CD that came out just a while back. Hes also associated with Flying Rhythms, KTY and Little Tempo. May have mixed an Asian Dub Foundation track and probably lots of other records. Naoyuki Uchida's sound is pretty much "traditional" but he does know when to let go and let the delays feedback till yer crown pops. Definitely a man to listen to.


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