Thursday, May 18, 2006

Have to start somewhere so I'll start at the end.

Just listened to Version City Rockers - Version Dub Clash. Cant tell you about the people on this record, but I can tell you its pretty good. Probably you can find it through Jammyland.

Should tell you about a Japanese dub record since this is "Dubbing in Tokyo". You may never find this 7", but Dub Master X's "Dub Wa Crazy Vol. 9" has a good A side and a dull B side. The A side is almost a secret Mute Beat record since it features the horn of "Echo" Kodama on the lead with DMX on the mix. The B side is just an unfortunate example of local hiphop/dancehall boringness with "You The Rock".

Mighty Massa recently put out a new CD, "Zion Gates". Nice piece of plastic. Good release party at Unit last saturday for the CD, Earl 16 put in a stage appearance as well as Ras Kanto from Dubsensemania. See I like Dubsensemania even though they arent really heavy heavy reggae, they have a good sound thats unique and they do credit to the Japanese reggase scene. The only thing I can say is its too bad they are on Sony Records since all new domestic Sony releases are Copy Control CDs. Even if I owned something that could play that, I wouldnt buy it on general principal. Cant blame the band tho, so buy their vinyl if you come across it.

Iration Steppas were in the area the week before last. Good show, much bass, nuff respect to that UK crew!

Last but not least, my new 7" "Sevens Dub Four/Step by Steppers" is out on pre-release at Jammers Record shop in Shibuya. Jammers is the only place to get it for at least a month.


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