Saturday, June 24, 2006

Again with Scientist

Somehow I scored Scientist's "Dub 911" when it came out a while back but never listened to it. I finally got around to spinning that. Waste of money. boring boring boring.

This week I also found Style Scott & Flabba Holt's "Nurse in Dub". Looks like an On-U production but it isnt. Mixed by Alon Adiri at On-U Sound Studios though. Also somewhere in my stack of records is "Prophecy of Dub" on Clocktower Records. Dub Syndicate produced by Nkrumah "Jah" Thomas. No mixing engineer credited. Both of these blow away most of my Scientist stuff.

Now I hate to come to this conclusion about a man with so many albums out when I have nothing but one 7" under my own name, but I think Scientist needs to hang up his reverb. He had his golden period. He pretty much defined the test tone dub beep and taught us all to filter sweep our EQs. Was it just the nature of the JA record industry and producers like Junjo that resulted in a flood of disks that might as well be forgotten but for the relentless re-issue machine of Greensleeves?

Not wanting to cut down the man, he has Jammy & Co. to do that for him. Maybe I just wish Scientists work lived up to what I know can be done with the raw material of Style Scott & friends.

BTW for those of you who always wished you could mix Style Scott, why dont you pay a visit to Now if only we could get Flabba, Bingy Bunny and the other Radics to do the same...


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