Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dub Syndicate vs Roots Radics

If you already know these two names for the same band you maybe wonder how I say "VS"

Saaaaaaa... Downpressor yuh crazy, dem same band

Yeah but... white grapes taste different from red grapes right?

See heres the thing, I associate Roots Radics dubs with Scientist and Dub Sydicate with Adrian Sherwood. People usually think that Dub Syndicate is always On-U Sound with Adrian Sherwood on the controls, but look at the last few Dub Syndicate releases. They on Style Scott's own Lion & Roots label and at least 50% mixed by Scientist. Style Scott done gone and diluted his brand by doing that.

Scientist done some of his best work with the Style Scott centered Roots Radics. Check the credits of any Scientist record, you see it.

Now I aint setting up a soundclash between Sherwood & Scientist in my head, such a clash could never end till both men were down bleeding on their reverbs and no one could be declared the winner. But you see thing is, Scientist mixing a Dub Syndicate release is like ordering pizza in Japan. It might be tasty but its gonna have stuff that dont belong on pizza except in a world run by a madman. What comes off the tape may be good dub, but it aint quite what I ordered.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Dub Syndicate is Sherwood to me. Roots Radics is Scientist. I love Scientist but it does leave a different taste in my mouth from what I'm use to.

2:20 AM  

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