Sunday, July 30, 2006

Audio Active (from the outer space)

So I wanted some Audio Active tracks beyond what I've got on the Pay It All Back comps and the Slash & Mix CD. I was at Tower anyways to pickup a magazine so I go down to the 4th floor and look throught the Reggae section. No dice. Over to "club music". Bupkus. Try the touch screen info kiosk. After battling the interface wich was about 2cm off in terms of registering any touch, no info as to where to find anything. Ask a clerk... he cant understand me whether I pronounce it right or in katakana. He thinks I want ABBA, RUN DMC or sports music. Write down "audio active" on a slip of paper. "OHHHH. Its in the JPOP section, 2nd floor".

For the first time in my life I go to the JPOP floor. Cant figure out how things are organized, its not particularly by "alphabetical order", so once again ask a clerk. Get pointed to the club music section and low and behold, 4 CDs. Of course the anti theft cases and the "obi" manage to obscure the tracklists on all of em except Slash & Mix so I couldnt tell which one might or might not have the songs I wanted. No sale.

Come home and check iTMS-J. One album, none of the songs I want.

Time to flip a coin to see if I check Amazon or say screwit.

Footnote: Someone recently cleared something up for me. The Massa in Audio Active is not "Mighty Massa". Mighty Massa came from a japanese ska band whose name I did not catch.


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