Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kobe Report/Yeah I thought so....

Went to Kobe (city in western Japan), found three reggae record shops. As usual mostly all JA 7s, 99% dancehall. 411 and Jet Set Kobe dont make my list of places to go back to. However found a new litle place called Livity just near Motomachi station. Again mostly dancehall but a few 10s and 12s of roots & dub.

So this brings me to the "Yeah I thought so". Now this may be screamingly obvious to some of you record collectors out there, but I'd only suspected it up to now. Some records released under Tubbys name are actually mixed by Scientist. Makes sense since Scientist was Tubbys intern, but in the light of the whole Rockstar Games VS Scientist VS Jammy controversy of last year, here's some hard evidence that Scientist was mixing at Tubbys studio. The 12s in question are "King Tuby's Answer The Dub" and "Razor Dub Dem At King Tubby's & Cannel 1". Both feature Roots Radics band and are mixed by Scientist. Usual low quality JA pressings on Roots Tradition and Razor Sounds respectively. 99% sure these are re-issues, but no idea if they are just represses or a mix bag of old stuff. No dates on either record.

Speaking of represses, I grabbed a 12 of Black Uhuru's "Anthem" in the original JA sleeve. No idea yet if this is the "legendary" original mix of the album or a repress of what Chris Blackwell did to it later. Black Uhuru did some great pop songs but I'm overall not a huge fan. "Legend has it" that the first version of this record was actual hard roots and a thing to be heard. If so all you soundboys start yer engines cuz perhaps a supressed classic is back. Or not.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Horsemouth in Dub - Feat. Earnist Ranglin

  1. Mojo Rock
  2. Mojo Dub
  3. Armagadon Dub Inst.
  4. Natty Dub Inst.
  5. Love Up Dub Up Inst.
  6. More Dub
  7. Ska Dub
Recorded at Harry-J and Leggo's, mixed by Silvan Morris and Bravo Gaylord.

Drums & Percussion: Horse Mouth Wallace
Keyboard: Ebu Cypper
Bass: Loyd Parks, Clinton Fergususon, Prof: Larry
Horns: Vin Gorden, Dean Frazer, Nambo, David Madden & Tommy McCook
Guitar: Earnist Ranglin, Earl Chinna-Smith & Bingy Bunny.

Nice but short CD from Jam's Promotion Co., Ltd. in JA. No high production dub, just solid reggae instrumentals with the ever reliable Horsemouth on drums.