Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yamaha DD-11
Aurion Stereo Delay
Zoom RT-234 w/ foot pedal controller
Zoom 1010 multi FX
crap bass amp

The stereo out of the delay goes to the line in of the RT-234, mixed with the RT-234 sound and gets reprocessed through the Zoom 1010. While playing the DD-11 can tweak the direct/stereo switch as well as the delay time knob on the Aurion. The 1010 is set to a big reverb with some distortion and "presence" on one pedal, delay and verb on another.

Playing with this rig reminds me of why I stomp boxes with knobs over the zoom style ones with presets, you just cant tweak the zoom stuff in real time without buying an addon foot pedal and even then you can only tweak one parameter.