Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google Maps politricks or just an error?

This post is not about reggae, but I need to say this somewhere.

Here's the story, on September 22 I'm talking to a friend and he is trying to tell me where a city in Israel is located. I take out my iPod Touch and do a Google Maps search for Israel. The entire country is blank except for areas marked Gaza and West Bank. I try zooming in to see if thats the problem but no, all the surrounding areas have city names clearly marked, but nothing in Israel. When I got home I tried the same thing and got the same results but this time I took pictures with my camera. See for yourself:

I dont know if someone somewhere is playing politricks or if this was a system error, but this is wrong. I dont get the same result from or, only when using the google maps app on my iPod Touch.

Update 1: This same thing happened to an iPhone user in Texas, USA and is also confirmed by another Japanese iPhone user.

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Blogger bin said...

it never worked, works only from desktop, no idea why

i'm living in israel :-)

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Jamaipanese said...

strange indeed, sounds like politics to me

1:58 AM  

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