Thursday, September 27, 2007

Populous Cast

Man here in Tokyo, kind enough to feature me in his podcast, check it at

Have a taste of Step By Steppers, my dub mix of Tear Drop and an unreleased track The Call on the ever popular Stalag riddim.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just came across your site
Welcome, i will check out your stuff if you check out ours.

From Springline Jamaica World Radio
Born out of the label

Home of Uncle Fee record label & Black Harmony sound
The live 365 station is now on air with exclusive prees and classic tunes mixed by myself Pace, Moni, UncleFee and Gibbs.
Please support original Jamaican talent
Its brand new and FREE
Now broadcasting on

We have a new mix up now featuring many of the new artists now signed to springline Jamaica.
4 Pace mixes now and 2 versions of "I man a mafia" just added.

for a sample of what we do, here is a session.


3:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI..great ideas.
luv da pod, and the heavy dubs too.
u can find me in blog-


12:25 AM  

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